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I've spent years at the intersection of technology and business, helping companies grow with stellar, data-driven marketing, amazing content experiences, and creative strategies that generate near-immediate results. I'm a creative and technical marketer who has a strong penchant for people-first marketing, outside-the-box thinking, fast iterations, and bringing ideas to fruition.

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Senior Marketing Manager

Stash is a financial services platform that helps millions of Americans invest and save. As the Senior Marketing Manager at Stash, I develop and execute strategies to drive conversions, engagement, retention, and new product/feature adoption and activation.

At Stash, I've led the email marketing overhaul for a user base of over 3 million users and created the lifecycle marketing strategy for Stash’s Smart-Save feature, which drove 30,000 Smart-Save users in a month. I've also developed testing and experimentation strategies for various campaigns.

Braze (formerly Appboy)

Growth Producer, Content and Programming

Braze is an industry-leading marketing automation platform for marketing and growth teams. At Braze, I was an integral member of the marketing team, responsible for planning and executing content strategies to drive brand awareness, website visits, on-site engagement, lead generation, and growth.

My accomplishments span multiple initiatives, including creating Braze’s first ecourse which touched $1.1 million in sales opportunities within the first week and 6 closed deals after a month, as well as ideating the concept for Braze's first multinational ad campaign and driving 51% quarter over quarter growth of content downloads in my first year.


Marketing Coordinator

Decisive was a mobile advertising demand-side platform. At Decisive, I was brought on as the first marketing hire to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition for our advertising platform. My role spanned multiple disciplines, including content marketing, organic and paid audience development, design, and web optimization.

At Decisive, I transformed the brand and contributed significantly to top line revenue. With a relatively small weekly advertising budget ($450), I was able to drive $461k in revenue in just 9 months. I also helped the company become a Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner and a Disney Accelerator/Techstars participant.